Sexual Abuse Coaching

You have probably never heard of sexual abuse coaching.   As far as I know, I came up with it.  Basically it was me trying to fill in the blanks for what I didn’t experience over 6 years dealing with the court system.  Not to say anyone did anything wrong, but the system is not setup for a continuum of care over the life of a child sexual abuse case.  And very little is focused on the parents.  The fact that we need to become experts in something we would rather know nothing about, and have to participate in a legal process that we have no control over, doesn’t seem to generate enough interest to fix the system.

The coaching program has evolved in part out of several systems that I have built to manage sex offenders, sexual assault victims, and missing children.   These all focused on the the professions who deal with these issued daily.  But I realized there really wasn’t anything for the parents who deal with these issues daily.

When a child is molested there are two main predictors of positive outcome.

  • Child’s perception and understanding of the abuse
  • Parent’s support

Cohen and Mannarino – 2000

There are 3 components to the sexual abuse coaching program we are creating.  Traditional one on one and group coaching, a home course that you can work through on your own, and an interactive dashboard that allows you to keep track of things over time.

Everyone has different needs so feel free to contact us and we can recommend what might work best for our situation.