Roman Polanski has beaten the system again.  The Swiss government has decided to let him go free rather than extradite him to the US.  So is this a good thing or a bad thing?  He’s a 30 year fugitive who was convicted of a sex crime against a 13 year old.   In a perfect world he would have gone to prison, but instead he fled the country and has been living a life of luxury ever since.  It doesn’t seem fair.    So who is the winner in this decision?  You could make an argument that the winner in this decision is actually the victim.

Long ago her family settled a civil suit and she doesn’t want to have to relive the abuse in front of the media.  Sometimes it is better to just let it go.   You can’t always win in court, but being able to live beyond the abuse is definitely a win.  If the LA District Attorney really wants to make this a victory, they should put the money they would have spent on a new trial towards educating the public on sexual abuse.